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Welcome to Starting Business

Are you looking to start your business? We can help!

With more than 10 years of expertise, we can help you make the first steps in the business world. Starting a business is difficult, and we are here to help you. Sign up for a FREE consultancy session to see how we can work together. 

We can help you to:


Find the right Business idea through brainstorming


Guide you through the setup process


Set up your brand, website, social media, logo, etc.


Find your first clients

Martin Lielbardis

Founder Starting Business Club

Starting Business club has been founded by Martin Lielbardis and his team to help other people learn the skills and find the help necessary to launch their businesses.

Martin started his first business when he was 19 with almost no start-up capital and untraditional sales campaigns. In his projects, he has been personally involved in sales in both B2B and B2C alike.

Martin has conducted his courses in 7 countries and for the last few years has been conducting

Martin has lived in 4 countries, speaks 6 languages, and has been a part of more than 10 projects in business and non-profit organizations.

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Consultancy process


Sign up for the intro session


Answer some basic questions so we can prepare for the meeting


During the meeting determine the action plans and set the goals


Follow the steps with assistance from our experts

Thank you, Martin! Just one hour of training and you pushed me to start relaying working on my business idea! You made me believe that I just need to start acting! And it works! I highly recommend Martins!

Lauris Ceplitis


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